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Hollow Point
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Cast:Sidney J. Furie, Thomas Ian Griffith, Tia Carrere, Donald Sutherland

Tempered with action and adventure, this romantic comedy centers on a pair of rivalrous government agents from different agencies who are forced to team up to stop a wicked crime lord. The FBI agent is a beautiful sexy woman while the handsome DEA agent oozes machismo. Both of their employers are in competition because the department responsible for the crook's arrest will be the one who receives all of his wealth. The woman goes overboard when she nearly marries a Russian mafioso's son because his father works closely with her target. The wedding is spoiled by a terrible shootout that causes the crime lord to mark her for death. Fortunately the woman and the DEA agent convince the hit man performing the task to team up with them. Together, the three form an unstoppable force. Plenty of explosive, violent action ensues. Sandra Brennan

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