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A Shot in the Dark
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Length:1 Hour 42 Minutes
Cast:Blake Edwards, Peter Sellers, Elke Sommer, Herbert Lom

Packed with pratfalls and sight gags, Blake Edwards's A SHOT IN THE DARK is perhaps the finest example of physical comedy to grace the screen since the heydey of the great silent clowns. Considered the best in the Inspector Clouseau series, this sequel to the popular PINK PANTHER follows the confusing case of a Lothario murdered at a millionaire's mansion. The bodies just keep piling up, as the infamous Clouseau (Peters Sellers) bumbles through the story trying to prove the innocence of blonde bombshell murder suspect (Elke Sommer). All the usual suspects are here: Clouseau's long suffering partner (Graham Stark), the homicidal nervous wreck boss (Herbert Lom), and the misguided, judo-kicking manservant (Bert Kwouk). But most of all, there is Sellars's Clouseau, who, with his ridiculous accent and deadpan delivery, remains an incomparable comic character. Under Edwards' snappy direction A SHOT IN THE DARK improves upon the original film, delivering a dose of well-crafted, unadulterated comedy. Robert D. Raiford

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