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Sleepy Hollow
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Length:1 Hour 45 Minutes
Cast:Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson

The latest masterwork to spring from the fertile and twisted imagination of Tim Burton turns Washington Irving's quaint tale of Upstate New York peculiarities into a grisly, nightmarish detective story. Johnny Depp (an actor born to wear period garb) is as grave and handsome as a young Buster Keaton in the role of Ichabod Crane, a fastidious New York City constable assigned to investigate a decapitation in the rustic hamlet of Sleepy Hollow. His inquiries are stymied by the natives' superstitious belief in the Headless Horseman, a demonic assassin whose future victims might include fair maiden Christina Ricci (looking especially attractive with long blonde hair and daring d‚colletage). But it's the Horseman himself -- played by Christopher Walken -- who steals the show with his gory escapades, which are captured with startling realism thanks to computer-enhanced imaging. Burton's adaptation plays fast and loose with Irving's story, sliding at times into a cartoonishness that detracts from the film. But his stylized depiction of the gloomy, fog-shrouded village is stunningly beautiful, evoking an atmosphere of the dread that hangs over the scene, palpable as the chilly mist. Ed Hulse

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