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Happy, Texas
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Length:1 Hour 38 Minutes
Cast:Mark Illsley, Jeremy Northam, Steve Zahn, William H. Macy

Two career criminals discover the charms of a small Texas town this fanciful, warmhearted comedy that made a splash at Sundance. When convicts Harry (Jeremy Northham) and Wayne (Steve Zahn) escape from prison, they pass themselves off as the gay consultants who were hired to help residents of Happy, Texas, make it to the Little Miss Fresh Squeezed Beauty Pageant. The town is full of lonely hearts, including the wistful owner of the local bank, Josephine "Joe" McClintock (Ally Walker); Ms. Schaefer (Illeana Douglas), the teacher of the young girls trying to make it to the pageant; and Sheriff Dent (William H. Macy), a.k.a. Choppy, the gay sheriff. The cons plan to rob the bank before they move on, but their hearts get stolen by the locals instead. The fine cast has a lot of fun with the congenial material, especially Zahn, who won a special acting award for his role at Sundance. Forget your troubles, come on, get Happy, Texas. John Guida

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