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Get Carter
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Length:1 Hour 52 Minutes
Cast:Mike Hodges, Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, Britt Ekland

Get Carter stars Michael Caine as a powerful British gangster out for blood. His brother has been murdered in Newcastle, prompting Caine to declare a one-man war on other racketeers. Carter must also get his niece out of the life she is leading as an actress in porographic films. Now that he is a loose cannon, Caine must be eliminated. Get Carter is typical action fare of the 1970s in that there are virtually no "good guys" -- in fact, the assassin is probably the most likable character in the piece! Originally rated "X" for violence and female nudity, Get Carter was reclassified as an "R" after subsequent crime films became even more bloodthirsty. Hal Erickson

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