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George Washington
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Length:1 Hour 30 Minutes
Cast:David Gordon Green, Candace Evanofski, Donald Holden, Paul Schneider

A bold, ambitious first feature by David Gordon Green, this fiercely independent effort chronicles young slum life in a more experimental vein than modern viewers usually use. Recalling the work of filmmakers as diverse as Terrence Malick and Harmony Korine in its unconventional tactics, the film eventually wears out its welcome, especially after its crucial turning point is revealed. However, it retains significant dignity throughout, and Green's surprising grasp of visual storytelling is highly in evidence here. The film was created using non-professional actors (a device that is terrific in theory, but its execution is suspect), and filmed using natural light, which gives it a rich, documentary-like feel. Unlike the recent Dogma 95 movement, however, its roots in conventional filmmaking techniques are strongly apparent, as its evocative Cinemascope 35mm implementation indicates. An easier picture to admire than to genuinely "like," George Washington nonetheless stands out amidst a sea of impersonal, crudely made independent collection of late. Jason Clark

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