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Drums of Fu Manchu
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Cast:Jon English, William Witney, Henry Brandon, William Royle

Drums of Fu Manchu is a feature-length abridgement of the 1940 Republic serial of the same name. Henry Brandon stars as Sax Rohmer's scientific villain Fu Manchu, while William Royle plays Dr. Fu's Scotland Yard nemesis Sir Dennis Nayland Smith. The sinister Fu intends to rule the world, and to that end he sends out his minions to stir up a Central Asian war. First, however, he must find the Scepter of Genghis Khan, which for reasons too complicated to go into here is vital to the success of his task. Fu is forced to journey to America to uncover the secret of the Scepter's hiding place, and it is here that he runs up against the opposition of handsome Allen Parker (Robert Kellard), the son of murdered archaeologist Professor Parker (George Cleveland). Assisting Fu in his skullduggery is his sexy daughter Fah Lo Suee (Gloria Franklin) and a group of zombielike henchmen called the Dacoits. It is nothing short of amazing that Republic was able to distill all 15 episodes of Drums of Fu Manchu into a coherent 68 minutes! Hal Erickson

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