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Shaft's Big Score!
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Length:1 Hour 44 Minutes
Cast:Gordon Parks, Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn, Drew Bundi Brown

This is the hurriedly produced sequel to Gordon Parks' trend-setting hit, Shaft. Richard Roundtree is on hand once again, portraying "the cat who's a bad mutha." In this installment, Shaft investigates the murder of well-respected Harlem figure and funeral-home director, Cal Ashby (Robert Kya-Hill), who is blown to smithereens after stashing money in a coffin. Cal's funeral is attended by Bumpy Jonas (Moses Gunn), the local Harlem boss. Since Bumpy is attending Cal's funeral, Shaft's suspects some dirty dealings between Bumpy and Cal's business partner Kelly (Wally Taylor). After the funeral, Shaft returns home to find that his place has been ransacked. Kelly arrives to inform Shaft that he is taking over Cal's funeral-home business. When Kelly leaves, Captain Bollin (Julius Harris) makes an appearance and takes Shaft downtown for questioning about Cal's murder. Bollin reveals that Cal and Kelly were in cahoots -- running a numbers racket and involved with Gus Mascola (Joseph Mascolo), another local gangster. Bollin agrees to let Shaft go on the provision that he let him know if he discovers any leads in the case. Shaft must now track down the real killer to get his Harlem neighbors off the hook. Paul Brenner

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