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F/X 2
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Length:1 Hour 48 Minutes
Cast:Richard Franklin, Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy, Rachel Ticotin

The professional skills of special-effects wizard Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) are employed once again by law-enforcement officials in this ingenious sequel to 1986's sleeper hit F/X. What should be a relatively simple assignment becomes diabolically complicated when corrupt cops mastermind a murder and frame Rollie for the killing as part of an elaborate coverup. On the run again, Rollie turns for help to the one cop he can trust, Leo McCarthy (Brian Dennehy, reprising his characterization from F/X). F/X 2 doesn't have the original's crackling pace, but if anything it outstrips the first film with regard to gadgetry; Rollie uses practically every trick in his repertoire to create illusions that will help him evade police until he and Leo can clear his name. Director Richard Franklin emphasizes the Rollie-Leo relationship, wisely exploiting the obvious chemistry between Brown and Dennehy. Their interaction makes F/X 2 appealingly human, even as the film dazzles moviegoers with its Hollywood-style magic. Ed Hulse

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