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The Delivery
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Length:1 Hour 39 Minutes
Cast:Roel Reiné, Fedja van Hułt, Freddy Douglas, Aurelie Meriel

In this stylish thriller from the Netherlands, Guy (Freddy Douglas) and Albert (Fredja van Huet) are business partners who have fallen deeply in debt, with seemingly no way out. Desperate to raise some cash, the two men, along with Albert's wife Anna (Esmee de la Bretoniere), approach underworld kingpin Spike (Rik Launspach). Spike gives the trio a chance to make big money very quickly by carrying $25 million worth of Ecstacy from Amsterdam to some dealers in Spain. While crossing the borders with the drugs proves to be simple enough, no one was counting on meeting someone like Lulu (Aurelie Meriel), a member of some European terrorist ring. The Delivery earned Roel Reine the Golden Calf award (the Dutch Academy Award) for Best Director of 1999. Mark Deming

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