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No Mercy
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Length:1 Hour 48 Minutes
Cast:Richard Pearce, Evelyn Purcell, Richard Gere, Kim Basinger

Two of the screen's sexiest stars sizzle in No Mercy, a graphic and occasionally brutal thriller set largely in the Louisiana bayou country. This 1986 release gave Richard Gere one of his relatively few chances to play a genuine tough guy, and he's properly hard-boiled as a Chicago cop whose partner is savagely slain during an undercover operation. Gere's pursuit of the killer leads him to New Orleans, where he falls for and spirits away the villain's Cajun concubine (Kim Basinger at her most ravishing). At that point, director Richard Pearce (Witness Protection) shifts into cat-and-mouse mode, downplaying the vigilante-cop theme and focusing the viewer's attentions on the fleeing lovers. The fine Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbe -- a once-ubiquitous presence in movie thrillers -- is coldly effective as the crime boss, and outstanding supporting turns are contributed by George Dzundza, William Atherton, and Ray Sharkey. Locations in and around New Orleans are stylishly photographed, giving the film a sultry atmosphere that perfectly suits its noirish plot. Exciting, suspenseful, and violent, No Mercy is also a slick star vehicle that showcases Gere and Basinger at their sensual best. Ed Hulse

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