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Until They Sail
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Cast:Robert Wise, Jean Simmons, Joan Fontaine, Paul Newman

Adapted by Robert Anderson from a story by James A. Michener, Until They Sail is set in World War II New Zealand. Third-billed Paul Newman plays a been-there-done-that US marine captain, assigned to investigate servicemen's requests to marry local girls. An unemotional cipher, Newman begins to warm up when he meets war widow Jean Simmons, the sister of Joan Fontaine, Piper Laurie and Sandra Dee (what a gene pool!) The Newman-Simmons relationship is played against the romance between uptight spinster Fontaine and good-natured officer Charles Drake, and the casual affair between irresponsible Laurie and unreliable Wally Cassell. The fourth sister, Dee, watches her sisters' amorous pursuits longingly, her mind occupied by her own true love, who is off to war. Until They Sail was a copacetic reunion between star Newman and director Robert Wise, who'd previously collaborated in Somebody Up There Likes Me. Hal Erickson

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