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Hanky Panky
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Length:1 Hour 48 Minutes
Cast:Sidney Poitier, Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Kathleen Quinlan

Hanky Panky an unsatisfying, not particularly amusing mystery spoof, directed by actor/director Sidney Poitier is the story of architect Michael Jordan (Gene Wilder) who is falsely accused of murder. While attempting to clear his name, he meets up with and is joined by Kate Hellman (Gilda Radner) a woman looking for the killer of her brother -- whose official cause of death was ruled a suicide. The plot is a contrived mess, and the humor is primarily formulaic, low level shtick. This film is particularly disappointing because of the talents of Gene Wilder and director Sidney Poitier who were teamed successfully to produce the very funny Stir Crazy. Despite the excellent cast, Hanky Panky is a dull disappointing mess which never gets off the ground. Linda Rasmussen

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