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Length:1 Hour 34 Minutes
Cast:Robert Ditchburn

Veteran newspaper editor Alec Dodge (Patrick Bergin) isn't hesitant to break scandalous news about city hall corruption on his front pages, even if the alleged kingpin implicated is the owner of his newspaper. Naturally, he's fired. Just as things look their worse, Dodge meets Claire (Annie Dufresne), a beautiful French woman who picks him up at a bar and takes him somewhere to lift his spirits. Unfortunately, that somewhere is the newspaper publisher's home. In the morning Dodge is found unconscious with a gun in his hand and the publisher's bullet-riddled body nearby. And Claire, his only alibi, is nowhere to be found. Dodge has to escape jail, find Claire, and clear his name -- with the police and the real assassins hot on his trail. ~ Buzz McClain, All Movie Guide