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Length:1 Hour 34 Minutes
Cast:Guido Henderickx, Natali Broods, Kristine van Pellicom, Inge Paulussen

A young woman finally decides she's had enough of people taking advantage of her and does something about it in the violent Belgian drama S.. S. (Natali Broods) is the product of a blighted childhood -- her father was a murderer who often molested her, while her mother was a prostitute who wasn't around much. Grown to adulthood, S. is a confused and angry bisexual who one day discovers her boyfriend cheating on her -- so she kills him. S. is later spurned by another one of her lovers (this one female), and soon she has gone on a crime spree, shooting people who in her mind symbolize her problems, including the manager of a sleazy peep show and a priest with physical designs on her. S. features music by the Belgian rock band dEUS; it was shown as part of the 1999 San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Mark Deming

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