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Salon Mexico
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Cast:Jose Luis Garcia Agraz, Maria Rojo, Blanca Guerra, Edith Gonzalez

The murder of a taxi dancer and her pimp provide the motivation for this crime melodrama, a remake of Emilio Fernandez's famed Salon Mexico. Set in the '30s, the crime occured in a popular Mexico City dance hall with the bodies being discovered in the dressing room of the dancer, Mercedes. Beside her lay her sleazy lover Paco. Police inspector Castellon is set on the case and begins questioning every one who knew the couple including Paco's other girl friend Almendrita, Mercedes' daughter Laura, her closest friend La Jaibita and the policeman who wanted to marry the dancer. He even talks to composer Aaron Copland who has been frequenting the hall while writing his Salon Mexico Suite. Sandra Brennan

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