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Gore-Gore Girls
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Length:1 Hour 21 Minutes
Cast:Herschell Gordon Lewis, Henny Youngman

Infamous exploitation icon Herschel Gordon Lewis wrapped up his lengthy foray into low-budget gore epics with this coda, which not only sports Lewis' most creative title but revels in an amazing barrage of outrageous (and patently fake-looking) makeup effects. The nominal plot involves a masked psychopath stalking, torturing and murdering the strippers at a Miami nightclub owned by stand-up veteran Henny Youngman, but enough of that... it's merely a loose linking device for a multitude of sleazy murder scenes, all of which involve some kind of sick visual gag. The murders range from simple throat-slashings to the popping of eyeballs to the protracted french-frying of one poor girl's head. Essentially a retread of Blood Feast (and perhaps an attempt to outdo same), this flick would be re-released later under the title Blood Orgy. Cavett Binion

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