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The Girl Hunters
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Length:1 Hour 37 Minutes
Cast:Roy Rowland, Mickey Spillane, Shirley Eaton, Lloyd Nolan

Novelist Mickey Spillane effectively portrays his own creation, Mike Hammer, in The Girl Hunters. Hammer has spent seven years in an alcoholic funk after the supposed death of his secretary Velda. He is brought back to the land of the living by his old friendly enemy, police lieutenant Pat Chambers (Scott Peters), who wants Hammer to extract some information out of a dying federal agent. This puts Mike on the trail of a subversive Communist organization, the key to which seems to be sexy Shirley Eaton, the widow of a murdered senator. When Hammer determines that following this espionage trail may lead to relocating Velda, who might not be dead after all, he pursues matters with his usual fascistic tendency to pummel first and ask questions later. Girl Hunters is the film in which Mike Hammer incapacitates an opponent by literally nailing the latter's hands to the floor. But that's kid stuff compared to the fate in store for the treacherous Shirley Eaton. Though you'd never know it, The Girl Hunters was filmed in its entirety in England. Hal Erickson

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