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Fallen Angel
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Length:1 Hour 40 Minutes
Cast:John Quinn

Lust, jealousy, and murder lead an adulterous couple down a dangerous path in this drama. Michelle (Samantha Phillips) is the young wife of veteran crime kingpin Antonelli (Kevin Wickham). Bored with her husband, Michelle falls into an affair with her chauffeur; when Antonelli gets wind of this, he hires a gunman to kill the driver. Both frightened and enraged by Antonelli's actions, Michelle hires Robert (James Patrick Keefe) to look into her husband's affairs. Soon Robert and Michelle become attracted to each other and decide to take Antonelli out of the picture, but they haven't counted on the extent of his power and influence. Fallen Angel was written and directed by John Quinn, whose credits as an actor include The Wedding Party, one of the first films for Robert De Niro and director Brian De Palma. Mark Deming

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