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Fear in the Night
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Length:1 Hour 34 Minutes
Cast:Jimmy Sangster, Ralph Bates, Joan Collins, Peter Cushing

Peter Cushing took time off from his Frankenstein and Dracula duties to star in the standard-issue melodrama Fear in the Night. Cushing plays Michael Carmichael, the headmaster of a private school, where Robert Heller (Ralph Bates) is engaged as an instructor. Heller also indulges in extracurricular activities of an amorous nature with Carmichael's wanton wife Molly (Joan Collins). Teacher and errant wife plot to drive Heller's wife (Judy Geeson) insane, so that Carmichael will be forced to kill the woman, thereby removing all roadblocks to Molly's happiness. We'll lay you eight to five that things don't work out as planned. Hal Erickson

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