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The Silent Partner
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Cast:Daryl Duke, Susannah York, Christopher Plummer, Elliott Gould

The Canadian "sleeper" The Silent Partner stars Elliot Gould as a teller who gets wind of master criminal Christopher Plummer's scheme to rob his bank. Gould providently squirrels away $50,000 in a safety deposit box before Plummer strikes. After the robbery, the papers report the amount of the bank's loss. Plummer realizes that there's fifty thousand extra bucks floating around that he hasn't gotten his hands on. The soft-spoken but sadistic Plummer puts the screws on Gould to fork over the dough--but Gould has lost the deposit box key. Don't let the comic-strip style poster art of Silent Partner, depicting a gun-wielding Santa Claus, fool you; this one gets extremely brutal and bloody at times. Also featured is Susannah York as the fluctuating-loyalty heroine, and a very young and hairy John Candy. The film was adapted from Think of a Number, a novel by Andre Bodelson. Hal Erickson

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