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Fugitive Champion
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Length:1 Hour 34 Minutes

A man trying to save the life of his daughter discovers she has a startling secret in this action thriller. Outlaw with a heart of gold Jake McKnight (Christopher Meyer) has fallen on the bad side of a powerful underworld leader at the same time that his adult daughter Annie (Bethany Bassler) has been abducted. While trying to stay one step ahead of both mob enforcers and the police, Jake searches for Annie, but along the way, he makes a shocking discovery -- Annie has a career skirting the law of her own as the host and proprietor of "Visual Dreams," a high-tech Internet sex site. With the help of his friend Trish (Charlene Blaine), McKnight begins investigating the murky underworld of virtual porn as he tries to find Annie before it's too late. Fugitive Champion was also released under the title The Hunted. Mark Deming

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