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Hardcase and Fist
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Length:1 Hour 33 Minutes
Cast:Tony Zarindast, Tony Zarindast, Ted Prior, Carter Wong

The title alone should indicate that Hardcase and Fist isn't a Disney family comedy. It all begins when undercover cop Bud McCall (Ted Prior) has himself incarcerated in Folsom Prison. McCall's mission is to prevent an imprisoned mob flunkey from providing a false alibi for syndicate boss Vincent (Vince Barbi). Meanwhile, Vincent has arranged for one of his henchmen, Tony Marino (Tony Zarindast, who also directed the film) to be locked up in Folsom for the purpose of bumping off McCall. As it turns out, Marino is an old army buddy of McCall's and can't bring himself to do Vincent's bidding. Once this plot point is dispensed with, McCall and his prison-savvy cellmate Eddy Lee (Carter Wong) team up to thwart the string-pulling Vincent and to rescue Marino's girlfriend from her mob abductors. Whenever the plot becomes hard to follow (which is often), Hardcase and Fist keeps the audience awake with a plethora of martial-arts violence. Hal Erickson

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