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High School Hellcats
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Cast:Edward Bernds, Yvonne Lime, Brett Halsey, Jana Lund

A good girl goes bad in the face of peer pressure in this exploitation outing from the late '50s. The girl is new in town and before her first day of school is over finds herself face-to-face with a scary group of juvenile delinquent girls with dangerously conical breasts, and bad attitudes to spare. They demand she join their group, but she hesitates. Later she asks the nice college boy who jerks sodas at the local malt shop for his opinion. Of course he tells her to stay away, but soon the lure of popularity grows too strong and she joins the gang. She has great fun being a hooliganette. Unfortunately, the fun turns deadly serious when the gangs leader gets killed. Good campy fun. Sandra Brennan

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