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The Hunter's Moon
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Length:1 Hour 44 Minutes
Cast:Richard C. Weinman, Burt Reynolds, Keith Carradine, Pat Hingle

A violent man will let no one take his daughter from him in this drama set in the early 1930s. Clayton Samuels (Burt Reynolds) is the patriarch of a rugged family living high in the mountains of the deep South, who earn their living making moonshine. Clayton regards his grown-up daughter Florence (Hayley DuMond) as little more than a servant, but Turner (Keith Carradine), a troubled war veteran exploring the wilderness, sees a great deal more in her, and they fall in love. Clayton bitterly resents the idea of Turner taking Florence away from him, and their rivalry soon leads to violence, while Clayton still struggles to avoid drawing the attention of the law. Hunter's Moon also stars Pat Hingle, Charles Napier, and Kate Barclay. Mark Deming

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