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Small Time
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Cast:Norman Loftis, Richard Barboza, Carolyn Kinebrew, Scott Ferguson

Filmed in black and white on a very low budget, this grim Manhattan-set documentary takes an unflinching look at the realities of inner-city life as it tells the story of how Vince Williams came to become a prison inmate. His story is told via flashback and from those who witnessed his small crime. Born in poverty to a 13-year-old mother, Vince grows up responsible for providing for her and his younger brother. Sometimes he resorts to stealing to keep them fed. Sadly, Vince had a lot of potential and maybe could have done more with his life, but unfortunately, there are few opportunities in the ghetto and his struggle to survive becomes a spiraling cycle of criminal activities, violence and humiliation that only ends with his incarceration. Sandra Brennan

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