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Cast:Steve Kurland

A pair of low-rent hoods botch their shot at the big time in this stylish crime-drama. Ross (Andrew Roperto) and Martin (Richmond Arquette) are a pair of close friends and small-time hustlers looking for a bigger score. Ross and Martin are regulars at a downtown saloon, where they make the acquaintance of Dino (Seymour Cassel), a good-natured drunk who likes showing off his collection of rare and valuable coins after he's had a few cocktails. Ross and Martin hatch a plan to steal Dino's coins, with a little help from Madeline (Cynda Williams), Ross' sometime girlfriend, but things quickly go very wrong -- Dino ends up seriously hurt, Madeline runs off with the loot, and Ross and Martin have to figure out how to clear their names or they're dead meat. Originally released under the title Last Call, Stingers also stars Udo Kier, Marvin Krueger, and John Marzilli. Mark Deming

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