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Wicked Sins
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Length:1 Hour 10 Minutes
Cast:Brad Bartrum, Yvette Faulkner

Love and sex complicate a murder investigation in this taut erotic thriller. A famous fashion photographer who is nearly as well known for his voracious sexual appetite as he is for his pictures is found dead one morning, murdered in his bed along with his latest girlfriend. Sara Parsons (Yvette Faulkner) is a police detective who is assigned the case of tracking down the photographer's killer; assisting her will be another detective (Brad Bartrum), who used to be her significant other. As the two detectives research the case, the more they learn about the photographer's freewheeling love life, and the frank talk about his sex life rekindles their passion for one another. But will their newfound attraction for one another take their minds off the case, allowing a killer to go free? Mark Deming

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