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Length:1 Hour 55 Minutes
Cast:Jan de Bont, Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock

Speed, which turned Keanu Reeves into the screen's most unlikely action hero, made an international star of Sandra Bullock, and put Holland-born director Jan De Bont (Twister) on Hollywood's A-list, is still every bit the heart-pounding thriller you remember from the early '90s. Neither the passage of time nor the parade of imitators detracts one whit from the exhilaration offered by this nonstop thrill ride on an explosives-laden runaway bus. This Five Star Edition comes laden with extras, including commentary by De Bont, screenwriter Graham Yost, and producer Mark Gordon, plus tons of other goodies certain to satisfy any Speed freak. Ed Hulse

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