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The Wicksboro Incident
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Length:1 Hour 20 Minutes
Cast:Richard O. Lowry, Bobby Harwell, Dan Brinkle, Kyle Nudo

In this science fiction-themed mock-documentary feature, a pair of filmmakers, Mike (Dan Brinkle) and Gary (Kyle Nudo), are working on a project about Lloyd (Bobby Harwell), an elderly man with a remarkable, if dubious, story. Lloyd claims that in the 1940s he invented a machine that could read the alpha rays given off by human beings and that a test of the machine led to the sudden disappearance of the entire population of Wicksboro, TX. Mike and Gary find Lloyd's story fascinating, though hardly credible, but as they visit what remains of Wicksboro, they learn that there may be more truth to Lloyd's story than they imagined. The Wicksboro Incident received its world premiere at the 2001 Hollywood Film Festival. Mark Deming

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